Building Stronger Communities... Creating Community Wealth


On behalf of the Evolve Community Foundation, Inc, I would like to extend a warm and humble welcome to our website. We are a non-profit organization that was founded September 25, 2015. 

Our Mission is to create and preserve long-term sustainable community wealth and a better quality of life for the students, families and stakeholders of the communities we serve.

Evolve’s proven success comes from the ability to use an interdisciplinary approach to harmonize conflicting realities to help achieve student success and positively contribute to the asset-based community development process.

Our B.E.A.C.H. life after-school programs are our holistic approach to serving the youth and communities we operate in. 

We hope you enjoy the site and that you would be so kind as to make a donation before you leave. 



Coach Bilal Bahar  

Founder/President/Head Coach  

Evolve Community Foundation Inc.  


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