Meet the Foundation's Executives


Antwan Gardner

Antwan Gardner is a highly motivated individual who is passionate about community initiatives and building community wealth. He is perusing a Bachelor's of Art in Sociology from Morgan State University. Energetic and eager to make a difference, Antwan fits perfectly with the mission and purpose of this foundation and success program. Before attending Morgan State University, he attended the Community College of Baltimore County leaving his mark as an efficient and effective leader. Nothing is to big or to small for him. He is about getting the job done.

He will be serving as the BEACH LIFE Student Leader Trainee.


Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell is an enthusiastic and resourceful visionary who is passionate about the emotional well-being of children, and their potential to thrive. Amanda has received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Towson University. Also, she has earned her Master’s degree in Human Services Counseling: Dobson Center Parenting and Child/Adolescent Development from Liberty University. Known by many as the “child whisperer”, Amanda is known for her unprecedented ability to communicate effectively with youth, and we are certain that with her educational background, skill set, work & volunteer experiences, and love for children that she will be a valuable component to the fulfilling the mission of this foundation. 

She will be serving as the Director of Social-Emotional Learning & Emotional Well-Being.


Antonio Gardner

Antonio Gardner is responsible for the social media management of the foundation. He has received his Bachelor's of Science in Information Science and System from Morgan State University. He is a young professional with the tenacity to get the job done. Knowing the importance of social media and how vital it is to the growth and progression of the foundation, Antonio will be closing the gap and making Evolve shine bright on all digital platforms. As a Community College of Baltimore County Alumni, he has been groomed to see goals and push them beyond the impossible.

He will be serving as the Director of Technology.